Q: Does Banner store all of the customer’s data from account creation until the customer closes the account? Or does Banner only store the amount of data specified in the customer’s plan on its servers?

A: User accounts with Administrator-level permissions or higher can set their companies’ data retention rates.  After the specified number of days, old data for that company is deleted.  By default this cutoff is 90 days (starter), 180 days (standard), 365 days (professional).

Q: Can you please confirm who owns the information on the Banner Cloud?

A: The customer has complete ownership of their data. They give license to Banner to provide online access to the data and deliver it to the people that have permission for it.

Q: Can the customer get access to all the information at any time?

A: Customers have access to our servers at any time outside very brief periods of planned maintenance.

Q: If the customer does not renew their contract, what happens to their data?

A: The standard practice is for Banner to keep the data for 30 days and then delete the data from our servers. Customers are free to download their data offline at any time before this deletion.