Push Data from a DXM to the Cloud

Banner’s DXM controller can push your automation data to the cloud. First, download the DXM Configuration Software, here.

Once the software is installed follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Local Registers tab, under Local Registers In Use, type in a register name. Then set Cloud settings to Read/Write. This allows the controller to send and receive data to and from the cloud.
  2. Click Settings>Cloud Services. Under Push Interface you can select data to be pushed via Ethernet or Cell. Next, select Cloud Push Interval. This setting tells the DXM how often it will push data.
  3. Next, you’ll need to enter a Site ID. Site IDs are unique identifiers for your device and are generated by https://bannercds.com/. Login and create a new site. Enter a site name, copy the site ID, then save. Next, go back to the DXM configuration software and paste in the new site ID. Save the XML file.
  4. To send this file to the website, go back to https://bannercds.com/, click Options>Update XML check box, then Browse to find your file, click Open and then Save.
  5. Next, push the file to the controller. Using the DXM Software, go to Device>Connection Settings, select the COM port and connect. Next go to Device>Send XML Configuration to DXM. Select the file, then Open. This sends the file to the controller. The controller will reboot. After a minute delay, it will send an initial push then follow the push interval you setup.
  6. Return to, https://bannercds.com/, to view the pushed data. Click on the file name under Site and the file name under Register Name. This will display any data values pushed to the website.